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Inspired by the winter season and in memory of the beautiful landscapes of Engadine, I am making a series of paintings on Sils Maria and Saint Moritz. The Sils Maria Lake is a magical place where light is flooded by snow.

Title 1

Discover the Engadine

If you do not know the Grisons, here are some ideas to discover this magnetic place:

- the film by Olivier Assayas SILS MARIA with Juliette Binoche,

- the book LE DIABLE DE MILAN by the great Swiss German-speaking author Martin Suter, which plunges us into the murky atmosphere of an old hotel in Engadine (telling you about it makes me want to read it again...),

- the book LOIN DE SILS MARIA by Michèle Kahn which traces the prerequisites of the confectioner Johann Josty who will go to Berlin to make his fortune before returning to the country,

- the RTS report showing us the Sils Maria lake singing while it is frozen and not yet covered with snow: THE SINGING LAKE

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